Track Construction

Site survey

Each project begins with a site survey. We request site photos and gather information regarding location, topography, soil composition, clearing, infrastructure, and irrigation. Knowing the conditions we will contend with on-site is essential for project planning. 

Project scope

Upon completion of the site survey, we collaborate with our customers to define the scope of each project and determine the methods and resources necessary to carry out a successful build. Once the project scope has been defined, we can then accurately estimate the total cost of the project and the duration of the build.

Utility location

A utility survey is performed on every project to identify and label underground utilities prior to excavation for safe digging.


Site clearing is required in wooded areas. Before the track is laid out, we clear the area of any timber, stumps, roots, boulders, and vegetation that will conflict with the track building process.


We stake out reference points that will guide our team through the track building process. Marking site features such as track obstacles, equipment and medic lanes, buffer zones, and boundaries will ensure proper layout and land use.


Methods and resources used to generate dirt on-site vary from job to job based on site topography, project scope, and budget. We use a cut and fill process when excavating the existing terrain to create elevation and contour in the track.  During the track layout and excavation process, landform is taken into account at every measure in order to ensure proper drainage. 


Drainage is essential for the operation of a motocross track. Proper drainage will maximize riding time and minimize countless hours of track maintenance. We achieve this by slightly elevating the surface of the track and grading the excavated areas to allow the water to flow away from the track or underneath through culvert. Water flow can then be routed to a retention basin or swale. Drainage is improved for tracks constructed on a hillside or gradual slope due to gravity flow.