Minnesota Motocross


The land of 10,000 lakes welcomed the MX Track Builders team this month. Our canvas was a 20-acre plot of private land. 10 acres were cleared and flat, the other ten were in a heavily wooded forest and had a considerable amount of elevation change. We began our work in the forest, clearing out enough space to fit a 20' wide track lane and a 15' buffer on both sides. We took total advantage of the only elevation we had to work with by building out some fun step-ups and down hill tabletops into the existing terrain. Once we were out of the woods we started stripping off the topsoil in sections of the track that we were working. We had 12" of black soft loam on top before getting down into the clay. We used the clay as a base and then top coated the track with our topsoil to create an optimal riding surface. When working with relatively flat terrain, you have to dig down in order to build up and that's exactly what we did. We excavated a large detention basin on-site. This provided us a generous working depth of soil that was necessary to generate a large volume of dirt for track features and elevation change. Once excavated and graded, the basin provided positive drainage away from the track. The storm water would flow to a collection point and then through a culvert underneath the track that discharged storm water to an adjacent stream/crevice. We built a very large step-up some fun doubles and imported 300 cubic yards of sand to build a 400' long set of sand rollers. 

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