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MX Track Builders

has been creating the North American motocross landscape since 2006; defined by knowledge, experience and the ability to combine artistry and earthwork to create tracks of the highest quality.


For over a decade our team has machine crafted visually captivating motocross terrain with a focus on form, flow and functionality. Each track built is as unique as the environment it’s created in.


The ability to take a motocross track construction project from concept to completion has made MX Track Builders a preferred contractor for private, public, and municipal projects. Our design build services have been utilized to successfully complete hundreds of motocross track projects throughout the United States and abroad.



MX Track Builders provides on-site and off-site design services that range from preliminary sketches of the proposed track to complete site design packages.

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MX Track Builders provides track construction service in all fifty states and abroad. Over thirty combined years of motocross and earthwork experience is the foundation that we build each track on.









  • When we set out to add a couple of motocross tracks to our park last season, we had a lot of interest from people who told us they could build a track. However, we had some unique terrestrial issues both in terrain type and soil types. After interviewing a couple of professional track builders, John Steiner of MX Track Builders stood out to us because of his excitement for these challenges. Everyone had experience with building tracks and could push dirt around but John saw the elevation and unique geographic constraints as areas that could make our track stand out. Once we were able to bring in MX Track Builders and turn them loose they demonstrated the utmost professionalism and delivered two incredible tracks. We constantly hear how much fun the layout is and people often come back with their friends. MX Track Builders went above and beyond to make sure we got what we were looking for.

    Jerry Sweeney
    Tams, West Virginia - Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park

  • I thought I’d drop you a quick note of appreciation for the fantastic job you and your team did in constructing our motocross tracks. We couldn’t be happier with the layout of the new track – containing the right mix of jumps along with a whoop section, roller section, sand section and a massive step up! We really like the flow – smooth and fast. I’d also like to thank you for the redesign of our first mx track – by turning it around and redesigning the track features, we now essentially have 2 new tracks. My son and I have already qualified in 2 Loretta Lynn Area Qualifiers and are training hard for Regionals – special thanks to you and your team for providing great tracks to help with our training!

    Gary Stuart
    Arrington, Tennessee

  • If you're thinking of getting a track built, do yourself a favor and talk to John Steiner and the guys at MX Track Builders. We could not have been more pleased. I gave them a tall order in terms of what I was looking for and it was immediately apparent that John understood my vision and he executed it flawlessly. They are true professionals and they were a pleasure to work with. The way the track melts into the property is amazing. The flow could not be better and we ended up with a mile-long track that is fun for the professional and safe for little guys. Everyone who sees it can't believe how amazing it is, and all in one week! The best endorsement I can give is to say that we invited John and team to come back any time they like – we enjoyed their company and were sorry to see them go. You will not find a finer group of guys or a better company to build your dream track. MX Track Builders rocks!

    Nathan Sprague
    Rockfield, Kentucky

  • New Jersey Motorsports Park is a 700-acre world-renowned facility that is located in the most densely populated state in the country. After constructing and opening the automobile and motorcycle hard surface race course that boasts country club amenities, construction of phase two was set in motion. We knew that when we were ready to build the second phase of this first class facility for lightweight off-road vehicles that encompasses both motocross and trail riding, we needed to engage the best track and trail designers and constructors in the country. After interviewing several national track builders we chose MX Track Builders. We couldn’t be happier with our choice. MX Track Builders designed and built a national style mx track that flows naturally and flawlessly thru the landscape, a veteran mx track and a mini mx track that rivals no other all in 3 weeks. They were given free artistic reign and did a fantastic job. Six weeks prior to opening the facility, we promoted a membership drive which enticed hundreds of people to visit and walk the newly constructed tracks; not only did several hundred riders and families sign-up and prepay for memberships, they were wowed by the magnificence of the tracks. MX Track Builders, we thank you for your excellent craftsmanship but most important, the artistic flare that you bestowed upon NJ Field of Dreams – this is a dream that came true!

    Clayton G Keeler
    President - NJ Field of Dreams

  • It is my pleasure to share a testimonial about our positive experience with John Steiner and MX Track Builders. In 2015, we produced a motocross event at a military installation in California. Although the event was successful, we wanted to further enhance the experience for the attendees and riders for the 2016 show. In an effort to improve, our team set out to source a number of track builders and after our vetting process, chose MX Track Builders. From our very first encounter, John Steiner and his team have been proficient, accessible, and a pleasure to do business with. We were given a quote that fit within our budget and they followed every letter of the contract; and to say they improved the track would be a vast understatement! With their expertise, the MX team implemented a more fan-friendly configuration, while keeping in mind the safety and experience of the riders. They had a presence onsite during the competition to ensure the track was in good shape throughout the event. Furthermore, after the race, they performed the appropriate teardown and returned the area to its original condition. After this positive experience, we would recommend MX Track Builders as a professional track builder to anyone in need of these services, without hesitation. They exceeded all expectations and really over-delivered.

    David Chavez
    President & CEO - Pro Sports MVP

  • It was a privilege to work with MX Track Builders. Their dedication to and knowledge of the motocross industry was apparent in every aspect of the project. They paid great attention to detail and their eye for track design is incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them on the Drumlin Hills MX track and look forward to working on future projects with them.

    Matt Heeres
    Ellsworth, Michigan - Drumlin Hills MX

  • Our mission was to construct the best track in Chile. We wanted to partner with an experienced builder that would take full advantage of the topography and at the same time construct a safe track suitable for the public. We contracted with MX Track Builders and they delivered a first class track! Their team put in weeks of work, hundreds of machine and man-hours. By the end of the project we had a perfect layout that was 2.2 km in length. The track flows up and down our steep hills and has a variety of step-ups, step-downs, tabletops and other fun track features. Thank you, MX Track Builders!

    José Tomás Valenzuela
    Chile, South America - Parque Las Palmas